Gen Zers aren’t the most reliable when it comes to showing up for jobs

February 20 – In the early 2000s, ghosting became a verb and we all know, and some of us use it, today. 

While it began in the dating world, it can be used for any time someone just doesn’t reply or show up to anything. 

It’s now started to include jobs. 

While the older generation cannot imagine not showing up for a job interview or the first day of work, it obviously doesn’t faze Generation Z, those born between 1997 and 2013. 

Indeed, the recruiter website, released results from a study that shows a stunning 93% of Gen Zers haven’t shown up for a set interview and 87% didn’t show up for the first day on the job. 

Gen Z has said, according to the study, they feel ghosting empowers them in their career.

That sentence might take a while for some of us to digest. 

We may be unfairly hammering on Gen Z here – a little bit – because the study also showed that, believe it or not, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials do it, too. 

Although the older you are, the more you seem to regret the ghosting. 

There’s a good chance a number of local employers reading this right now have experienced the ghosting from potential hires.

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM suggested, “I think that’s a blessing if you’re an employer. They don’t show up, you saved yourself a whole pile of mess.”

Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery agreed, “Fact. We could talk about this for hours. We are struggling with it, same thing in the county. It’s very frustrating especially when it comes to emergency services, or guards at the jail. We have to have people in place and it’s very, very difficult to find people that really want to work and are committed to a career these days. It’s very, very difficult. Very frustrating. Again, we can get into this for hours.”