Gaza hospital blast that killed 500 looks like it came from an Islamic Jihad rocket

October 18 – In a Gaza hospital yesterday, where wounded people looked for help and others sought shelter, a rocket blast tore apart the building and killed at least 500 people. 

Initial reporting was the attack came from Israel, but now it has been shown that an Islamic Jihad rocket may have been to blame. 

What damage does incorrect reporting really do in these instances? 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “The narrative that gets out there first, unfortunately, is the narrative that continues to be believed, even if you can bring evidence to show that it’s false. It’s amazing to me, I just had somebody say to me the other day, that police officer that was killed when he was hit in the head on January 6. That’s been completely disproven and admitted to by the Biden administration, all the security, but that’s what people have heard first, that’s what they believe. Hamas did a great job getting these videos, even though they’re not accepted on regular platforms, they used other ones. They’ve gotten very sophisticated at that. Now we have to be clear, we don’t know definitively yet. But it looks like evidence is starting to point to that it was their own or one of their alliance’s rockets here that did this. But for our irresponsible mainstream media to agree with this on social media yesterday and allowing that Jihad video nonsense from Hamas to pick up, they’ve spread terror around the world and we have embassies being attacked. We have people, Jews feeling threatened even here in this country.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll added, “If you look at the video this morning in Jordan, Iran, Iraq, it’s like riots in the street type scenes based on this story. It goes back to the initial reporting from Hamas was, well, this was an Israeli missile strike. That’s now what forever those people will believe, no matter what other evidence gets presented, and as the day went on yesterday, well, the evidence is looking like this was a missile from within Gaza, one of their own militant groups launched this and it was either a wayward missile or who knows what happened now.”

Some reporting today has shown that Israeli intelligence may actually declassify intelligence reports that they say would show from where the missile was launched. 

Barkdoll said, “Even if they do that, let’s assume that comes out today, there will be this huge segment of the population around the world, they won’t believe it. They’ll say no, this was an Israeli missile. It doesn’t matter what they see or hear, that’s what they’re forever going to believe. That’s very unfortunate. It’s very dangerous.”

At the hospital attack, there were also people being sheltered in that immediate area and thousands were injured. 

Barkdoll noted, “That was the main hospital in that southern portion of Gaza, where all of these casualties were being taken for treatment. Well, that’s offline now, obviously. So this just compounds the problem that we’ve been talking about, what the UN is calling an emergency when it comes to just the situation on the ground. What do you do with all these people? Now there’s all these injuries and you can’t take them to a hospital to get treated.”

Historically, the Middle East has been fighting a war for many decades. 

State Senator Doug Mastriano reminded, “You think about the Israelis, by the George W. Bush administration, that they were really forced into a land for a peace deal. In 2005, they decided to give up geographic control of Gaza for peace and within a year Hamas already started attacking them with rockets and there has been attacks almost every year against the people of Israel, coming out of Hamas, whether it’s rockets or tunnels or shooting. I get it. So yes, the people in Gaza did elect Hamas. These are consequences of that. Many people in Gaza are innocent, but let’s not confuse what happened. What Hamas did in Israel, killing approaching 2,000 now, mostly innocent civilians, they were not legitimate military targets. It was a level of barbarism that goes to the level of ISIS or the Babylonian/Assyrian Empire than in the ancient times. This was horrific what they did and Israel has to restore order. They have to secure their flank in Gaza. This is a bad situation, babies being beheaded, kids locked in cages and who knows that those kids we saw in cages are still alive. The barbarism of slaughtering entire families in their safe rooms, in their houses, hugging each other and just gunning people down for sport and laughing about it. I mean, every one of those terrorists needs to pay the ultimate price.”

Jansen said, “For anyone who has doubted, and we have to be careful, of course everything that comes over the internet and Twitter, we’re not always sure, but for sure they had the GoPro cameras now and the plan that they found for the people going in, they showed them going into the kibbutz and just killing at random and they also had the plans for going into the schools, where children are having daycare. So let’s not have any doubts about the fact that they didn’t care about slaughtering innocents. I’m disturbed by the ‘from the river to the sea, Palestinians should be free.’ That means they don’t want a two state solution. That means they just want the Israelis wiped off the face of the earth and we have to really be cognizant of that.”

Mastriano said, “Their goal is the elimination of Israel, which means the elimination of the Jews. I mean, these people are the political leaders and military arm of Hamas. They have hate in their hearts. To do what they did is unacceptable. I mean, it’s war crimes. For anyone in America to justify this, that’s not okay. It’s never okay. They have to restore order. They have to try to free the hostages. We pray for them. Obviously they need to strike down these terrorists. There is nothing okay about this here. Israel has the right to strike back and do whatever it takes. This is devastating what happened and to do what they did to girls and boys and kids. I mean, it’s unequivocal. It is a bloodbath. It was slaughter, shooting even family pets. They invaded people’s homes, and we’re gunning people down left and right. That must never happen again and Israel has a right to do what it takes to end that.” 

Could Iran become involved in this, too? 

Mastriano said, “There’s always a threat that this will become a regional war. Iran is pulling the strings of Hamas and Hezbollah up on the Lebanon border, which is also now launching attacks in Israel, both on the ground and through missiles. It’s possible. I mean, if the Israelis have a legitimate military target in Iran, they will go for it. This is horrific what happened to them. And so just as the United States changed strategically after 9/11, I think this is going to have a profound effect on the psyche of the Israeli people as well and an agent of Israel. They are fighting for survival. One of their old prime ministers from the 70s, Golda Meir, said, if the Arabs stop fighting, there’s peace. If Israel stops fighting, we cease to exist. That’s exactly it. They’ve been pushed into the corner and they’re fighting for their very survival. So if Iran escalates, I don’t think that Israel will be measured. I think they’ll punch back hard.”