GA is a mess! Is PA next?

CHAMBERSBURG – If you missed Tucker Carlson’s show last night… sit down before you click HERE. One of the big debates going on in Pennsylvania right now is the election audit and our own Senator Doug Mastriano is smack in the middle of it.

Mastriano wants the forensic audit, but Governor Wolf and Attorney General Josh Shapiro say no.

Mastriano joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen Wednesday morning on First News to discuss the audit.

Mastriano said, “The governor opposes any forensic investigation, any look into the election of 2020. Josh Shapiro obviously is very upset about that. I thought I’d need to get him a box of Kleenexes on CNN the other night. These are the same people who said hey it was a perfect election. Even some of my colleagues on the other side in the Senate say, hey there’s nothing to see here. It was a great election. And like that’s ever happened in Pennsylvania at least in modern memory. My point is if there’s nothing to see, what are you afraid of? Nothing to fear but fear itself. Open up those books, let’s be transparent. Especially Governor Wolf, Mr. Transparency. Well, he’s not really that, but he said he would be.”

Where will the money to do it come from?

Mastriano said, “We haven’t decided yet on the funding on this. There’s three courses of action that I’m recommending. One is paying for fixed costs and then the rest would be 501s and then there’s two other courses of action that has even more 501 money covering that. That’s based off of what we saw in Arizona. Sadly, I shared a legal opinion with my caucus and somebody leaked it to of course AP the following day. The bottom line is my legal advice is we can do this legally within Pennsylvania as well. The whole idea is either we fund it out of the tax payers, which I prefer not to; we do a portion of it, which I think is the best course of action; or all of it out of tax payer dollars, which would be a lot of money. I think if we’re legally allowed to subsidize the cost, it would be a better idea to do that.”

Have there been any findings from Arizona’s audit yet? 

Mastriano said, “Senator Wendy Rogers, she came out and talked about a big deficit between the numbers of votes counted and those actually on hand. That’s a big deal. I do believe we’re going to see the final report in a week or two.”

Jansen asked, “Has this become so politicized? You know the media has just tried to trash how they did it. You guys went down, you saw for yourselves how careful they were being, but we know this media narrative is out here and that seems to be a consistent problem all over the country. From Joe Biden in Philadelphia yesterday saying the most outrageous things about what’s going on with the Texas voting law and some of the other states and no media to challenge it and a lot of media unfortunately going along. We always get this narrative. How do we get people to realize we’re trying to be intellectual honest here? We’re trying to actually take an honest look at what happened. Not necessarily to overthrow the election but because so many people are mistrustful now of this election process. Myself, I’m one of them. Why can’t we just have an authentic way to look at this? If there’s no problems, I don’t know why they fear it. We’re only talking about looking at three counties worth. Not the whole state.”

Mastriano said, “Two Republican counties, one Democrat county. That’s fair and balanced.”

Jansen agreed, “Right. And then this threat about decertifying machines. Why? Why this manipulation and threatening?”

Mastriano said, “I’m dissatisfied with the governor’s response. He keeps calling us a Democracy. He’s been governor for seven years, still doesn’t know it’s a Republic. Say the Pledge of Allegiance. To the Republic. Governor says of course such an investigation would be a threat to our Democracy. I don’t understand how when more than half of the people in the state doubt the outcome, doubt our process and it’s my job under Article 1, Section 4, Paragraph 1 of the US Constitution, I have the prevue as a Senator to do this.”

Jansen added, “And to threaten them by saying they’re going to decertify your machines and then we’re not going to pay for them. Honestly if I won the lottery today, I would go to those counties and say I’ll buy you the machines. Just let us go ahead and do this. Whether or not they carry through with this threat, legally they can, then we’ll find a way to get this money together and get new machines. I still think it’s worth it.”

Ryan said, “The hypocrisy on the machines alone here. It was this governor who’s so concerned about money that said alright we’ve got to replace all of the machines. And just when we had done Franklin County maybe a year or two before, we had fresh machines, the machines would work. Oh, no. We have to throw them all out because they all have to be the same. What gives them the right if you’re going to have a forensic audit and you’ve got all sorts of different eyes on it, why on earth are you saying if we crack the seal on these machines then we’re going to decertify them? Who makes that determination? What technology expert is saying you’ve got to throw them all out? Was the decision from the actual people that made the machines?”

Mastriano said, “Sadly it is the company threatening them in that regard.”

“That’s crap,” Ryan said. “Who writes the contract? Here’s some more lawyers that are going to make money. Honestly if only the electorate would get the idea that the people that are making bank on this are the lawyers and the left.”

Mastriano said, “This whole thing is out of control. Two summers ago, Governor Wolf had a meeting in Las Vegas with other Democrat governors and he came back from that meeting and announced this unilateral decision to decertify the machines. It was very strange that this happened and then of course we see the whole debacle since then. The bottom line is we can’t just have voting machines here that only one company, the manufacturer can have access to. They should be able to be opened up and reviewed obviously by companies the legislative body wants to hire, not the governor wants to bring in.”

Ryan said, “You know what happens in real world USA? When a company gets an audit of what’s going on with your machinery and if it’s okay, terrific, see you later. If not, here, you make the decision on what vendor you want to use. But apparently we’re not capable of that.”

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