Fulton County man booked after series of catalytic converter thefts

10 January 2023- One of the two men charged with a series of catalytic converter thefts has been arraigned after allegedly serving as a lookout during the thefts. Jordan Gene Deshong is charged in one case with two counts of felony theft, two counts of felony theft of secondary metal, two counts of felony receiving stolen property, two counts of felony criminal mischief, and two counts of misdemeanor theft from a motor vehicle. Additionally, Deshong is charged relating to an August series of thefts with two counts of misdemeanor conspiracy of theft, two counts of misdemeanor conspiracy theft from a motor vehicle, two counts of conspiracy theft of a secondary metal, two counts of misdemeanor receiving stolen property, and two counts of summary conspiracy criminal mischief. In the first case, Deshong was given a non monetary bail and is currently free. In the second case, Deshong is set to be arraigned on January 30th.

For the first case, Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to Mountain House Road in Taylor Township on August 12th. When police arrived, they found that a 2013 International Durastar owned by a local traffic control company had its catalytic converter and particulate filter stolen off of it. Subsequent interviews with Jordan Deshong on October 20th saw that he allegedly admitted to being present during 7-9 of his co-defendant’s, James Cannan, catalytic converter thefts. Deshong allegedly said that Cannan and him would drive around when Cannan would allegedly stop at a seemingly random location and ask Deshong to act as a lookout. Cannan would then allegedly come back a short time later with a catalytic converter. Deshong allegedly gave police the exact locations of the thefts. The invoice from the traffic company that was given to PSP found that the theft allegedly cost the company $9,631.87.

In the second case, PSP were dispatched to a lot at Old 126 and McKees Gap Road in Union Township to reports of a catalytic converter theft. The victim allegedly told Troopers that he carpools with a coworker and when he arrived back from work he discovered the catalytic converter was stolen off his Subaru Outback. The cost of that catalytic converter was allegedly $350. Both this case and the first were allegedly linked to Deshong and Cannan from the locations that Deshong allegedly gave to Troopers.

Deshong is out of jail on a nonmonetary bail. His preliminary hearing is January 30th. Cannan has not been arraigned.

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