Fulton Co. PSP Roundup: Man trespasses at Sheetz, hit with stealing….water?

23 August 2023- A fight at the Mountain House Bar and Restaurant results in harassment charges for a 48 year old woman. Dawn Reefer, 48, of McConnellsburg is charged with harassment physical contact after allegedly punching a 38 year old woman in the face.

The fight was allegedly following a dispute over an acquaintance. The victim is recorded has having a bruise and redness to the left side of her face.

A Virginia man is facing DUI charges in Fulton County following a rollover crash last month on I-70. Matthew Keyser, 27, of Reston VA was driving in the right lane of I-70EB around 1:15am on July 24th when he allegedly struck a vehicle driven by a Pikesville, Maryland woman. The second vehicle was hit directly from behind, traveled off the roadway and overturned. The car came to a final rest on the right side of the road and on the passenger side.

Hancock EMS transported the 54 year old female driver and the 26 year old female passenger in the rollover car to Meritus Medical Center for suspected minor injuries.

Keyser was listed as being charged with driving on roadways laned for traffic, with DUI also being listed on the form but it appears Keyser has not been charged yet.

A McConnellsburg man is charged with misdemeanor retail theft and misdemeanor criminal trespassing following a theft of…..tap water. Lucas Gladfelter, 23, of McConnellsburg allegedly defied a previous no trespass violation at the Sheetz location on Lincoln Way East around 11:40pm on August 18th.

During the trespassing incident, Gladfelter allegedly took a fountain water with ice from the store without paying or asking staff.

Pennsylvania State Police arrest a man earlier this month on terroristic threats charges following an incident involving threats of a stabbing. Jason Emory, 38, of McConnellsburg was having an argument with a 35 year old man when he allegedly became aggressive and threatened to stab the man with a knife.

Emory was taken into custody by Troopers around 5:15pm on August 18th.