Fulton Co. PSP Roundup: Domestic ends with felony for husband and broken nose for victim

23 October 2023- Pennsylvania State Police announce citations following a domestic incident in Union Township. Police were dispatched around 6pm on October 19th for a reported domestic between an unnamed 30 year old Warfordsburg man and two victims, a 26 year old woman and a 75 year old man at a home on Chickory Lane.

While descriptors are scarce, the 30 year old man was since charged with citation harassment. We look for updates from PSP.

A McConnellsburg man is arrested and charged with felony strangulation and other charges following a domestic dispute in Ayr Township.

Police were dispatched to a home on Woodside Drive around 4:30 in the afternoon on October 16th for a reported active domestic between a husband and wife.

Police say that the victim reported she was head butted in her own head by her husband, Alfred Claggett, 36. Claggett allegedly then tackled the victim to the ground and began strangling her. EMS report that the victim suffered a broken nose from the incident, with her husband taken into custody shortly after.

PSP from McConnellsburg are investigating a hit and run that allegedly occurred last month on Great Cove Road. Police say a Freightliner tractor trailer was being driven by a Georgia man near the intersection of Great Cove Road and Skips Lane in Todd Township around 7:23pm on September 22nd.

As the trucker was navigating the roadway northbound, he say a black pickup truck hauling scrap metal pass him going southbound when the truck lost a piece of scrap metal out its back. That scrap struck the tractor trailer in the oncoming lane but the pickup continued northbound , with the tractor trailer pulling over following the incident.

Police say that the flying scrap damaged the left side mirror and the driver’s side window. The trucker was not hurt and was able to drive away, but there was visible damage to his vehicle.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact PSP-McConnellsburg at 717-485-3131.