Fulton Co. PSP Roundup: Disorderly conduct, threatening with a golf club, more

20 July 2023- Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to a home on Woodside Drive in McConnellsburg around 11:30am on July 19th for a verbal altercation. During the incident, police charged Justin Klinger, 32, of McConnellsburg with disorderly conduct. Charges were formally through MDJ 39-4-02.

Police say they charged a Virginia man with drug possession after allegedly finding marijuana in his car on I-70 in Fulton County. Anthony Nunes, 20, of Manassas, VA, was charged with possession of marijuana after a traffic stop on his red Honda CRV around 10am on June 28th.

A Chambersburg man is looking at more charges after allegedly walking around a number of vehicles in Fulton County with a golf club. Dasyn Daley, 39, was charged with disorderly conduct on July 17th after he was found at a location on Aughwick Road in Todd Township. Police say that Daley was walking around the 57 year old victim’s unattended vehicle while holding a golf club, refusing to leave. Daley was taken into custody shortly after.