Fulton Co. PSP Roundup: 74 year old charged with terroristic threats against wife, more

27 October 2023- A 73 year old man is facing charges of making terroristic threats against his wife. The unnamed McConnellsburg septuagenarian had police called to his home on Peach Orchard Road, Licking Creek Township on September 27th around 8am.

The nature of the threats is unknown at this time, but Troopers say in a release he is also facing “related charges”, likely either assault or harassment.

It appears no injuries were recorded to a tow truck driver after his vehicle was hit by a 74 year old Needmore woman while the prior was loading a car on his roll back.

Police say a roll back tow truck had its emergency lights on while it was loading a disabled vehicle onto its bed in the middle of SR-655, Thompson Road in Belfast Township, Fulton County on October 23rd. Troopers say there was about a half mile line of sight around 4:15pm when a Toyota Camry, driven by a 74 year old Needmore woman, hit the driver side tool box of the roll back truck.

Police say the Camry drifted a couple feet backwards after impact and came to a final rest shortly after. The roll back never moved from its parked location.

The Ford pickup truck was able to be driven a short distance and pulled into a driveway to get away from the roadway. The 74 year old driver of the Camry was listed as transported by ambulance for possible injury but no medical facility is listed.

A New Paris, PA man is looking at drug possession charges after a traffic stop in Todd Township. Police say they pulled Douglas Conrath, 27, over near the intersection of Lincoln Highway and Great Cove Road around 9:45pm on October 4th for traffic violations.

During the stop, police learned that he had a small amount of methamphetamine on his person and he was subsequently placed under arrest. His vehicle, a 1999 Chevy Cavalier, was towed.