Franklin County Republican Committee condemns DA

CHAMBERSBURG—The Franklin County Republican Committee has a bone to pick with Franklin County District Attorney Matt Fogal and consequently has withdrawn its support of him.

The FCRC is comprised of up to two appointed representatives from each voting precinct in the county who meet regularly to support Republican candidates.

The support provided to candidates could include campaigning, working the polls or financial contributions. “It’s more of a support role after you get through the primary,” explained Allen Coffman, FCRC chairman.

The conflict between the committee and Fogal stems from a statement the district attorney released in June where he admitted his initial reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement was, “All Lives Matter,” but after consideration, he now believes “Black Lives Matter. Period. Full stop.”

In the letter, Fogal urged his fellow Republicans to “exhibit political courage and never put the party before the country or conscience.”

The Republican Committee took issue with the statement and subsequent interviews Fogal did with statewide news media where he expanded on his sentiments, and it sent a letter to him late last week admonishing him and withdrawing its support.

“Your recent actions can only be seen as a betrayal of those who have given you their support …” the committee’s letter to Fogal read. “It is clear to us that your positions have removed you from any association with Franklin County Republicans. Therefore, the Franklin County Republican Party is withdrawing support for you and any future office you may seek.”

The letter, signed by Coffman, went on to call out Fogal for what it deemed his “encouragement of Franklin County citizens to support those who oppose the re-election of our President Donald J. Trump” and alleged Fogal has “departed from the sensible conservative views of the vast majority of your fellow citizens,” according to the letter.  

When reached for comment about the FCRC letter, Fogal said he has “no comment.”