22 September 2022- With the opening of Washington County, MD’s Public Safety Training Facility earlier this week, public safety training has proven to be of vital interest for municipalities. Franklin County has had their facility for the past twenty years and it has been an invaluable resource to the community. Plans to review the patronage and efforts of the community as well as the hard work of the first responders will be carried out in October. Full information about the date is below.

Twenty years ago there was an open field next to the Franklin County Career and Technical Center. This field was transformed into a training center that has provided training to thousands of firefighters, law enforcement personnel, emergency medical professionals, mental health workers, and countless others.

A burn building, lecture/meeting room, roof simulator, and storage building were constructed with help from many community leaders, Franklin and Cumberland county municipalities, and the Franklin County Commissioners. Their patronage has provided the Center with the ability to offer state-of-the-art training at minimal or no cost to the emergency providers.

We would like to take time to reflect on our past, honor our present, and share our future plans to improve and enhance our offerings. This includes actually paving the entrance to the grounds, still a stone lane, and the construction of a non-burn tactical building to create practical scenarios for emergency personnel.  

Please join us on Friday, October 7th at 10:30 AM at the rear storage building (there is a Law Enforcement Leadership Class in the training center) to review our past, present, and future direction.