Franklin County PSP Roundup: Welfare check after domestic leads to charges for Greene Twp man

26 February 2024- A Chambersburg man is facing assault charges after an alleged domestic violence incident leads to the victim fleeing towards the roadway. PSP Troopers say they were dispatched to Portrait Way in Greene Township around 5:50pm on February 23rd for a distressed female looking for help.

Upon arrival at the scene, Troopers found the victim. She allegedly showed signs of recent physical injury and PSP confirmed that she was involved in a physical domestic with her boyfriend, Thomas Johnston. The latter has subsequently been charged and is housed at the Franklin County Jail.

A 35 year old Chambersburg woman looks to be the victim of an identity theft involving a fraudulently opened bank account. Troopers say they were notified a little after 1:30p on February 23rd of an identity theft on Saint Andrews Drive in Greene Township.

Upon investigation, PSP say that someone opened a Corning Credit Union account in their name and although there was no financial loss suffered, her identity was still stolen. PSP continue to investigate.

A 17 year old Orrstown man looks to be the victim of a scam on Facebook Marketplace after a phony car sale. Troopers say that the theft occurred sometime between midnight and 6pm on February 18th.

PSP list the victim as being out $500 after believing that he was going to be purchasing a BMW sedan. The investigation is ongoing.