Franklin County news includes golf, an employee suggestion box, CJAB and the courthouse

August 24 – Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery stopped by to talk with Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen this morning on First News about topics pertinent to the county.

Flannery reminded listeners of the 5th Annual Franklin County Veterans Affairs Golf Tournament, which will be held Friday, September 3rd, 2021 at Penn National Golf Club & Inn.

Veterans Affairs is still looking for sponsorships including the player reception meal, hole sponsors, putting green sponsors, golf cart sponsors, program ads, raffle items and gift baskets. Anyone interested in sponsorship opportunities is asked to call 717-263-4326.

Franklin County employees will have a suggestion box on or before September 17, which will give the county employees a say and provides ideas from them to save money in the county. There are more than 700 employees in the county, so the ideas should be great.

Flannery said, “You can take a little bit of credit for that, Pat.”

Ryan said, “Thank you for doing so. This is how stuff gets done. The Franklin County workforce can see there’s ways to do this stuff better.”

If the county uses an idea, there’s a financial reward for the employees, individually.

Ryan said, “The efficiencies that front-liners can bring to the whole thing? Perfect. Good for you.”

A dedication of the concession stand in Kaley Field in Greencastle will be held Wednesday, August 25, at  5:30 p.m. The Greencastle-Antrim Kaley Field Project had a whole lot of people doing great work to make improvements to Kaley Field.

The Criminal Justice Advisory Board will meet Thursday, August 26, at noon.

Jansen said, “I’m a little sometimes disturbed by some of the things that are brought onto that board because I think it’s kind of loosey goosey in bringing in groups of people that maybe have certain ideologies or points of view that maybe should be more in-depth discussed a little bit before we put things into place that could influence the way we do things here in terms of our laws and judicial system here. I really think there needs to be a little more scrutiny of some of the groups and experts that are brought in to talk about these things.”

CJAB can make recommendations, but they don’t make policy. It’s an advisory group.

Jansen said, “We’re getting a danger zone where we’re considering people experts who are actually coming from an ideological point of view and we need to make sure we’re having full and fair discussions on this and sometimes I think these things get very lopsided. These advisory boards, these commissions get very very lopsided and really shame on me, shame on others who are realizing this and thinking we need others to speak up and balance those voices so we have real dialogue and discussion and common sense.”

Flannery said, “Keep in mind, our DA, our present judge are all on that board. There’s some hard-hitters in the county on that board. It is public, so I invite anyone to be there or to chime in that can because your voice will be heard there.”

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The Franklin County Coroner, Jeff Conner, has a new office in the old state police barracks. The county rehabbed that building for a very fair price and Conner, who had been working out of his home for decades, now has an official office.

Plans are still in place to have the Courthouse up and running and occupied by September. Construction is still waiting on parts for the elevators – and it’s very specific elevators used to transport prisoners from one floor to the next, so that’s why there’s been a delay.