Franklin County Jail recognized by County Commissioners

08 May 2024- The Franklin County Commissioners have proclaimed May 5-11, 2024, to be National Correctional Officers and Employees Week in Franklin County in appreciation of the men and women whose diligence and professionalism keep Franklin County communities and citizens safe.

Franklin County’s correctional system is designed to protect the public by separating those who have committed offenses from the community, deterring others from committing offenses, and rehabilitating individuals for reentry into the community upon release.

Working in correctional facilities is demanding as personnel must maintain a constant state of heightened vigilance and adhere to strict security protocols. Every day, correctional officers and jail employees work in stressful conditions and face a variety of challenges. Franklin County Jail staff face these extraordinary challenges head on to provide for the safety and security of both the general public and those housed in the facility.

On Wednesday, staff from the Franklin County Jail joined the Franklin County Commissioners and county administration for a proclamation presentation declaring May 5-11, 2024, to be National Correctional Officers and Employees Week in Franklin County.

“The correctional officers and employees who work at the Franklin County Jail are some of the most resourceful, committed and patient professionals in the county’s criminal justice system,” said Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery, chair of the Franklin County Prison Board. “Our county is indebted to the invaluable service they provide on behalf of our residents and those navigating the criminal justice system.”

By recognizing National Correctional Officers and Employees Week in Franklin County, the commissioners are encouraging residents to show their respect and gratitude to these individuals for the role they play in keeping Franklin County communities safe and for rising to meet the challenges of their profession nobly and admirably.