23 September 2022- A Carlisle man in jail at Franklin County Corrections is looking at 3 felony charges after allegedly mule kicking and spitting on corrections officers. Corey Alan Bennett is charged three counts of felony assaulting a corrections employee. His total bail is $100,000, with $50,000 coming from one charged and $50,000 coming from the other two.

Bennett’s charges stem from an allegedly assault of two corrections employees on August 6th of this year. At around 12:50pm on August 6th, Bennett alleged spit on one guard and then mule kicked another guard on his shin. Interviewing Bennett later that day, he allegedly admitted to Troopers that he did spit on one guard, as well as assaulting two other guards. On top of this, Bennett allegedly admitted that he kicked and spit on another guard.

Corey Bennett is still in custody at Franklin County Corrections. His preliminary hearing is set for October 4th.

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