Franklin County Jail inmate arraigned on new charges of sexual assault on cell mate

06 January 2023- A Berks County man in jail in Franklin County is looking at new charges after allegedly sexually assaulting his cell mate multiple times. Christian Matthew Owens is charged with two counts of felony sexual assault, two counts of IDSI threats forcible compulsion, and two counts of misdemeanor indecent assault threat of forced compulsion. Owens is still in jail, this time on an additional bail of $75,000.

On July 13th of 2022, PSP-Chambersburg was alerted to a reported sexual assault at the Franklin County jail. After speaking with the alleged victim, he allegedly told police that his old cell mate was transported to state corrections and got a new cell mate, Christian Owens. The victim allegedly told police that Owens became increasingly paranoid someone was messing with his food and that he eventually focused his threats at the victim. The victim allegedly had given a couple of small food items to the victim but late said that he needed sexual payback. If he did not comply, Owens allegedly said that he would beat him up. This allegedly happened multiple times afterword. After Owens was removed from the cell after a separate episode of him “acting up”, the victim told authorities what had happened.

Owens is back behind bars on $75,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for January 17th.

Sources: Incident Number: PA 2022-905080, Docket Number: MJ-39304-CR-0000004-2023