Franklin County inmate caught harassing woman…. from jail phone

27 February 2023- A Franklin County man is looking at more charges after he allegedly harasses and stalks a woman he has a PFA with from the public phone in the Franklin County Jail. Drae Williamanth Fickes is charged with misdemeanor harassment and misdemeanor stalking. Fickes is behind bars still, with an additional bail of $5,000.

On January 18th, Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to a home on North Franklin Street, Hamilton Township. The victim, a juvenile female, said that Drae Fickes was violating the PFA against him. She allegedly said that on January 9th around 6:45pm, Fickes attempted to make phone calls to the victim from the Franklin County Jail telephone. Additionally, Fickes allegedly called multiple times the same day at 10:45pm, leaving a voicemail.

Fickes allegedly called the victim 4 times on the 9th, as well as 10 times in a short span on January 17th. In the voicemail left to the victim, Fickes allegedly said his name, as well as the fact he was calling from the Franklin County Jail.

Fickes is behind bars on an additional bail of $5,000. His preliminary hearing is set for March 7th.

Sources: Incident Number: PA 2023-255655, Docket Number: MJ-39304-CR-0000059-2023