Franklin County Election Board takes action on Quincy Township “Free Beer” signs

07 November 2023- A story we’ve brought you updates to here at Tristate Alert and on News Talk 1037FM, it seems that some action may be taken against dubiously legal campaign signs in Quincy Township, Franklin County.

The signs, up across many main roads in the township, advertise a write-in candidate for the township’s open supervisor’s race. What is concerning, however, is that a) the signs do not make note of who paid for them and b) seem to advertise a good/service in exchange for a vote on Election Day.

It appears that the Franklin County Board of Elections has asked for Charles Smetzer to specify on his signs who exactly had financed the signs. In email correspondence, Deputy Chief Clerk and Open Records Officer for Franklin County Jean Byers said, “At the direction of the board, a letter was mailed to Mr. Smetzer requesting that upon receipt of the notice he immediately place a label or sticker on his political signs indicating who in fact paid for the signage”.

While this letter, which was likely sent either Friday, November 3rd, or Monday, November 6th, would almost certainly not arrive by election day, it is nonetheless a step.

As for the second complaint regarding the “Free Beer on Fridays” pledge by the candidate, Byers specified that “the complaint….was forwarded to the District Attorney for their review and handling. Pursuant to the Pennsylvania Election Code, the Pennsylvania Attorney General, along with the county district attorney, share jurisdiction and powers of enforcement over violations of the Election Code.”

It remains to be seen if anything could happen to Charles Smetzer or whoever financed his signage (because, again, it isn’t clear HOW they were put up). News Talk 1037FM will be in contact with the office of the Franklin County District Attorney to look for updates on this case.