Franklin Co. Republican Party endorses candidates in Chambersburg, Quincy

08 September 2023- Quincy Township as well as Chambersburg Borough Council have been dealing with higher profile resignations and deaths in recent months, resulting in vacancies being put on the ballot this November.

In Chambersburg, Councilmember Larry Hensley passed away on May 17th. To fill his vacancy through the end of the year, Council appointed Stacy Short to fill the remainder of the year but with expectation that the seat would be filled permanently during the November Municipal Election.

In Quincy, the opening for Township Supervisor was not made through the passing of a member, but rather the high profile resignation of now-former Supervisor Steve Bakner. Bakner was elected last time around following the turmoil resulting from the death and investigation surrounding former Supervisor Kerry Bumbaugh. However, Bakner and current Supervisor Lee Daywalt resigned over the summer due to significant personnel problems in the Township. Daywalt would later rescind his resignation when it was discovered that there was a “discrepancy in utility bill payments received”. Pennsylvania State Police were called in to investigate the issue. That leaves one current open board seat with Bakner’s resignation.

The Franklin County Republican Committee has subsequently made their endorsements for the November special elections. Full release from them is below.

As the Franklin County Republican Committee (FCRC), we are responsible for filling vacancies on the Republican ticket occurring by death, resignation, removal, or otherwise. Currently, there are three vacancies on the ballot in Franklin County.

Last evening, the committee heard from several nominees and made their selections. Now we ask Franklin County voters to come out and support these folks on November 7th.

Chambersburg Borough Council (4th Ward): Stacy Short

Shippensburg Borough Council (West Ward): William A. Klusman III

Quincy Township Supervisor: Edward Wilson

We thank all nominees for taking the time to go through the process and step up to serve their respective communities. These individuals are very qualified and ready to serve.