Franklin Co. PSP Roundup: Thefts from vehicles, 76 year old man injured in motorcycle crash

28 August 2023- Police are investigating the theft of hundreds of dollars worth of items from a vehicle in Hamilton Township earlier this month. PSP Troopers were dispatched around 10:10am on August 13th and informed someone stole items from the victim’s vehicle, a 2014 Chrysler.

Police say that 3 decks of Magic: The Gathering cards valued at $150, two $25 gift cards to Chic Fil A, a $150 gift card to Victoria’s Secret, and around $2 in change were stolen from the vehicle. Troopers continue to investigate.

A Fayetteville man is recuperating following a single vehicle collision on Old Forge Road in Quincy Township. Troopers were dispatched to the 6000 block of Old Forge Road around 6:10pm on August 23rd for a reported crash.

Police say that the 76 year old rider of a 2006 Harley-Davidson had lost control as he was looking away from the roadway and caused to bike to skid across the pavement. The Fayetteville man sustained broken ribs and a broken left shoulder in the crash, necessitating transport to York Hospital by South Mountain Ambulance. He was given a warning for careless driving as a result of the crash.

Anyone with information about an incident on Mickey Inn Lane near Scotland earlier this summer should be in contact with PSP. Police say that they were called to a home on the road around 1:15pm on July 26th for a threatening letter sent to a 57 year old female victim.

Troopers say that the letter was sent from an inmate, but didn’t specify who or from where. PSP continue their investigation.

A Shippensburg man is facing DUI charges after a traffic stop this weekend. Eric Struchen, 38, of Shippensburg was allegedly driving a 2015 Ford F250 Supercab near the intersection of Wyrick Avenue and Mainsville Road when he was pulled over by PSP Troopers.

The traffic stop, conducted around 7:15pm on August 25th, eventually found that Struchen was under the influence of alcohol and he will subsequently be charged.

Police are looking for a perpetrator following a vandalism and theft from a vehicle in Southampton Township earlier this month. Troopers responded to a home on Noble Road around 2:30pm on August 24th for a theft from a Ford Econoline van. When the arrived, they found the vehicle vandalized and a Stihl gas powered concrete saw valued at $1,000 stolen from the 67 year old male victim. PSP continue to investigate.