Franklin Co. PSP Roundup: $68k taken 91 year old victim’s home sale, more

14 December 2023- It appears that a series of family members, or at least people who all knew each other, are facing charges of harassment following an incident on Thanksgiving. PSP responded to a home on 5th Avenue in Fayetteville around 6:30pm on the holiday and found an altercation taking place between at least three people.

The names of the people arrested have not been released by PSP, but Troopers describe them as a 25 year old man, a 30 year old man, and a 23 year old woman, all of Fayetteville. Multiple non-traffic citations for harassment were filed, and a future court date is pending.

Troopers are investigating a reported identity theft in Guilford Township last month that affected a 45 year old Chambersburg man. Troopers were initially notified around 5:45pm on November 16th of the incident on Springview Drive.

The victim’s identity was reportedly stolen and was used to open a phone account, totaling to $204 worth of charges. PSP continue to investigate this incident.

An elderly Chambersburg woman is looking at a loss of $68,000 after Troopers say funds were missing from a residential sale. Troopers were initially notified around 11:30am on November 17th that a 91 year old woman was missing tens of thousands of dollars from a settlement fund following a home sale. Officers were initially dispatched to Luther Drive, Greene Township.

PSP Continue to investigate this incident.

A 2018 Ford is at the center of an incident involving a stolen firearm in Greene Township last month. Troopers were initially dispatched to a home on Mountain View Drive around 8:45am on November 12th for a theft from an unlocked vehicle.

Troopers say that the victim, a 58 year old Chambersburg man, had a Skyy Industries CPX-2 handgun stolen from his unlocked Ford vehicle’s center console. PSP continue to investigate the incident and ask anyone with information to contact them in Chambersburg.