Former President Donald Trump begins the process of being charged in Georgia yesterday – and what a melodrama it was

August 25 – It was quite the circus when former president Donald Trump was booked in Fulton County, GA, yesterday – from the press hounding his every move to the follow-up discussions, this whole spectacle has gotten incredibly out of hand. 

This is all over racketeering charges against Trump and 18 other people, brought by a grand jury in the state of Georgia as it relates to the 2020 election.

Then, there is the fervor over the mug shot. When Trump had his photo for the arrest, he frowned or scowled. 

Out of all of this, that’s apparently all anyone can talk about. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “It is the snap seen round the world and all the news media are losing their mind and it’s the scowling, this big scowling here. What I see is confidence. I see commanding. I look decisive. It’s better than shaking a hand into thin air or it’s better than seeing the open mouth and empty gaze into the abyss from the present resident of the White House.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “The wall to wall coverage of this yesterday was just ridiculous. The ride to the airport in New Jersey to get on the plane and then the coverage at the Atlanta airport when the plane landed, I thought was just ridiculous. Trump was in and out of the jail down there in about 20 minutes. This was simply the initial booking, processing issue. The mug shot I thought was interesting. I would have bet yesterday it was going to be more the Tom DeLay mugshot, the smiling face that you would never be able to distinguish from a regular photo. I thought it was interesting overnight, the campaign is admitting that scowl was planned. Not surprisingly, none of this stuff was random. That scowl was rehearsed. It was planned.”

Within hours Trump was selling all kinds of merchandise from the photo of that scowl with the captain Never Surrender. 

Barkdoll said, “The thing to keep an eye on, Monday there’s going to be a hearing in that Georgia court of Donald Trump and Mark Meadows and there’s one other defendant. They have filed a motion to have these cases moved into federal court, just for those three cases. There’s some debate on this, but there’s a lot of legal scholars thinking there’s a chance that this is going to be granted. This would be the odd situation where the trial would be heard in federal court, but it would still be the state charges and the question is, were these three defendants acting under the guise of their federal employment, their federal official roles? If the judge says yes, then the cases could be moved to federal court. The thinking with Trump and Meadows is they might get a more favorable jury in a federal court than they will locally in Fulton County, Georgia. So that’ll be the next big thing to watch on Monday.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “I’m tired of the pearl clutching and the hand wringing about oh, the right extremist. Oh, we have to make sure we put security around these buildings. Really? Because number one, we’ve not seen that. They keep going, oh, let’s put the fencing back up around the White House. We’ve not seen any real demonstration of any mass, right wing anything, but we want to keep trying to flame up the whole January 6 narrative, number one. Number two, seriously, you’re afraid of this country devolving into some kind of violence? Because you don’t do wall to wall coverage of this ridiculous charge, and insist on a mug shot if you really are the ones on the left side are the ones about mediation and de-escalation and how dare Donald Trump say things that might stir up the ire of people on the edge. This couldn’t be any more finger in the chest and poking the bear when it comes to stirring up people on the extremes.”

Barkdoll said, “This is a good point I think about the mug shot, his previous cases, the federal cases, and even the New York State case with Alvin Bragg, they all did not do the mug shot. They did give him special treatment and I think it was warranted. I mean, do you really need a mugshot to identify this guy? Everyone knows who he is. He’s the most famous person in the world. It does strike me as odd and poking the bear that they made him go through that, that we need his mug shot for identification purposes in Georgia. To me, that’s ridiculous. But that’s what they made him do yesterday. Fani Willis is saying no one’s above the law. Everyone needs to be treated the same, but I think the concern is some of these kinds of things like that, I think it further fan the flames and maybe make the situation worse. One other quick point about this yesterday and even last week, Trump says nothing about these cases. Part of his bail conditions are he is not allowed to threaten other defendants, other people involved in the case and yesterday was the first time he did not do a press conference after all this occurred.”

PA Representative Paul Schemel said, “We’ve never seen anything like this, at least not in our times. I don’t know where that will go. I haven’t read the indictment. So I haven’t had time to look at that. It’s going to be an interesting time. There are a lot of different charges in different places that he’s having to deal with at the same time that obviously he’s running for president. So we’ll see. We’ll see what comes of that, but that will make it definitely very challenging on his part. But on the cusp of that we also have what’s happening with Hunter Biden and those connections there. So the two top candidates from the presidential election next year are both going to be men in their late 70s, early 80s, dealing with criminal implications from their own actions or those in their family. So stay tuned. It’s going to be an interesting time in the news industry, no doubt.”