Former Hogan Chief of Staff McGrath now has $20k reward for his whereabouts

29 March 2023- A former Hogan Administration head is still on the run today but multiple agencies team up to offer a reward for anyone who might know his whereabouts. Roy McGrath only served 11 weeks as then Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s Chief of Staff but had multiple other jobs inside of the administration ranging from being part of the University of Maryland Medical System’s Board of Directors, a member of the Coronavirus Response Team, Director of the Maryland Environmental Service, and more.

Strangely enough, McGrath’s full personnel page is still up on the website.

McGrath failed to appear for his federal trial in Baltimore earlier this month after he was charged with wire fraud and bribery stemming from his time in government. The reward for McGrath was originally $10,000 but has been bumped up to $20,000.

The FBI raided McGrath’s home in Naples, Florida earlier this week. His full FBI poster is below but has not been updated for his new reward.