Former Greencastle headstone maker awaiting July court date, shop apparently closed

UPDATE: News Talk 1037FM has spoken to the owners of the 400 S Antrim Way building. Bronze and Granite, LLC, the company owned by Freeman, had moved out at the end of May, 2023. While the storefront seems to be cleared out, the property owners at Century Incorporated say that many pieces of stone and metal were left behind by their former tenant. Some of the stones are blank and seemingly display/advertising pieces but many have names on them.

If you or someone you know was affected by lack of delivery from Bronze and Granite and want to check to see if any part of your purchased monument was completed, Century Incorporated is taking calls to see if anything in their possession was part of the case. If you think that they have your monument or stone, please have the order form and relevant documentation from Bronze and Granite.

Century Incorporated can be contacted at 717-597-9500. Questions should be directed at Property Manager Jason Kinzer.

We would like to thank Jason and Century for their help in this story.


13 July 2023- We continue to follow the story of a former monument and headstone maker out of Greencastle who is facing multiple criminal and civil cases involving alleged lack of delivery of contracted work. Richard Freeman posted bail of $100,000 on May 10th after being hit with additional charges of failure to carry out contracted work, with a variety of dollar amounts being attached to the charges.

Freeman was given a $100,000 bail by Magisterial District Court Judge Duane Cunningham in relation to the second volley of charges, with the first resulting in an unsecured bail of $25,000.

Freeman’s former shop on 400 South Antrim Way in Greencastle appears to be closed as of the date of this article’s publishing. Nothing but a few chairs and empty floors can be seen through the plate glass windows that used to peer into the showroom. Additionally, a for rent sign can be seen in the window with a phone number can be traced to a Greencastle rental company. A call has been placed to them by News Talk 1037FM and look for a response.

Freeman’s next court date is set for July 12th at 1pm in Chambersburg. Common Pleas Court Judge Mary Beth Shank will preside over Freeman’s arraignment in Courtroom #5 at the Central Court building overlooking the Square at 1pm.

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