Former Chambersburg Constable to have formal arraignment in County court today

28 February 2024- Multiple years of police work, months of legal maneuvering, and years of alleged abuse of dozens of victims. That’s what it has taken to get to the formal arraignment of former Chambersburg-area Constable Timothy Heefner. He currently stands accused of over 700 sex crimes ranging from extortion to trafficking to involuntary servitude and has been behind bars in the jail he used, if court filings from Chambersburg PD are true, as a stalking ground for at-risk women he could ply with drugs in order to sexually manipulate them.

An investigation into Heefner began in 2021 after a Child and Youth Services report came into the Chambersburg Police Department involving him. Multiple years of investigation led CPD to interview dozens of alleged witnesses and victims, thus charging Heefner with the aforementioned 700+ sex crimes.

As of now, Heefner’s formal arraignment is set for 1pm in Courtroom 3 at the Franklin County Courthouse building in Chambersburg. During the arraignment he will make a plea, and according to some legal experts it will likely be not guilty. This is due to the process of negotiation with the District Attorney’s office as to a plea bargain. Further dates remain to be determined by Heefner’s legal counsel and the 39th Court of Common Pleas. The case is being heard currently by Judge Todd Sponseller.