Fmr Greencastle headstone maker now charged with trying to illegally buy a gun

10 October 2023- More charges keep piling up against a former headstone manufacturer in Greencastle after police accuse him of trying to purchase a gun he was not legally allowed to own. Richard Randolph Freeman Jr is charged with felony materially false written statement during the purchase of a firearm and misdemeanor statement under penalty. Freeman is awaiting his next court date later this month.

Greencastle PD detectives were alerted to a failed background check on a firearm purchase that occurred in July of 2022 earlier this year.

Police say that just after 10am on July 2nd, 2022, Freeman entered Lumber Direct on West Walter Avenue in the Borough to purse a firearm. Freeman tried to purchase a 17 Design & MFG Model 17-DM15 style rifle chambered in 5.56mm.

Greencastle PD say that his background check and signed ATF forms had false statements on them, due to Freeman’s multiple DUI convictions. Those convictions prohibit him from purchasing and possessing a firearm.

Richard Freeman is still free on these charges as well as the numerous other charges relating to his business dealings. Freeman is still awaiting his next court date for Call of the Trial List that is scheduled for October 26th with Common Pleas Judge Mary Beth Shank.

Sources: Docket Number: CP-28-CR-0000947-2023, Docket Number: MJ-39305-CR-0000172-2023, Incident No.: 20231000071