Floating barriers on the Rio Grande gets a complaint from Mexico

July 18 – In an effort to curb illegal migration from Mexico, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has deployed large floating barriers in the Rio Grande to keep people from coming across. 

The barriers are large, round orange buoys that prevent people from coming into Texas through the water. 

The Mexican government has suggested the barriers could violate almost 80-year old treaties on the boundaries of the water and they plan to send investigators out to make sure the barriers aren’t on the Mexican side of the river. 

Mexico also sent an official, diplomatic complaint to the US government. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll noted, “The irony of it is a lot of these immigration groups are pointing out that the floating barriers are actually much safer than things like a barbed wire fence. The other point is that they’re so visible from far away, people may be less likely to try to penetrate it and again, that’s safer than if they’re just trying to go over that river with no restrictions. I don’t see this complaint going anywhere.”

Yesterday, there were reports that there are about 100,000 people still waiting in Mexico, trying to gain entry into the US. 

Barkdoll said, “Now these are people seeking refugee status. These aren’t people just swarming to get in illegally. It’s not clear how the US may process that group. But I think this floating barrier, it actually seems to be having some effectiveness there, at least in the Rio Grande area.”

Congressman John Joyce said, “The sovereignty of our country means protecting our border and this is a way that we should and can protect our border. Mexico needs to understand that we are going to take additional steps to do that. I wish Mayorkas would do everything in his power to be able to protect our border. He’s failing at that job right now. But this is one of many pathways that we can use to protect the sovereignty of our country.”