Flannery: “I Can’t Support DA Fogal”

CHAMBERSBURG – Franklin County Commissioner, John Flannery, jumped to the defense of the local Republican Party condemning the area’s top law enforcement official for expressing support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I can’t support County District Attorney, Matt Fogal, for reelection,” Commissioner John Flannery said. “I like Matt and I wish him the best but what’s in the best interest of Franklin County is preserving our values, preserving what we do and our way of life. If you look at the situations and what has caused these riots and all the things that have happened in our society, the root cause was someone was breaking the law.”

In June, Fogal penned a letter giving his unequivocal or unqualified support of Black Lives Matter. 

“He (Fogal) has been a great district attorney,” Flannery said. “When you come out against the party, it’s really concerning for me.”  

Flannery passionately defended local GOP Chair, Allen Coffman, who recently countered Fogal’s letter with a letter crafted and approved by local Republicans. The letter stated that the party would not back Fogal for reelection in 2023.

“Allen just took over as the chair of the Republican Party here in Franklin County and I support him and I think he made the right decision by sending that letter to Fogal,” said Flannery.

In Fogal’s letter he also encouraged local Republicans to withdrawal support for President Donald Trump.