First it was a Los Angeles school district and now New York City is following suit – cell phones are being banned in big districts across the country 

June 28 – Some people would say it’s about time. 

Some of the bigger school districts throughout the country are taking the summer to alter their policies and they are banning cell phones from school buildings beginning next school year. 

The second largest school district in the country in LA announced this last week. 

Now New York City, the biggest school district in the country – they have upwards of one million students – have now decided to ban all cell phones in their public schools, as well. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “If you look at their announcement, they’re saying they know that these children are fully addicted to these devices, and the mental health effects that it’s creating in the New York City school system are getting to the point that it’s incredibly expensive and it’s hurting academics, and their way to respond to it, just an outright ban starting this fall. So when you see places like New York City and LA doing this, is this now getting traction? We did talk to Superintendent Bigger about it, yes, there still would be time for school districts to implement this for the fall.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “What we were told was, and listen, I am so sick and tired of hearing well, we’ve got the schools that don’t talk on the same level with everybody else. So the structure has to be repaired, and then we can implement it.” 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “There’s truth to that, but I feel like the mental health stuff is so critical right now.” 

Ryan continued, “It’s right on display. What am I supposed to wait until a couple more years of analysis? Or what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to wait until Harrisburg sends down an edict? Or can we just do it?”

“And having parents wake up,” Jansen added. 

Ryan said, “I’ll tell you something, though, they’re not going to get the buy-in from the parents in New York City. For New York City parents are going to go off the deep end. Here at the very least, you’re at least in friendly territory, going, oh yeah, there’s research right in front of me. It’s right before my eyes. Maybe we should do something about it.”

Barkdoll said, “I still think, years from now, all of us and school officials too, are going to look back and say, what were we thinking allowing just this unfettered carte blanche access to cell phones and social media all day? The New York City announcement is interesting because if you look at the news story, they’re talking about all the obvious things, the mental health and academic issues, but they’re also approaching it from an economic perspective. They’re saying that these cell phones are legitimately costing the school district millions and millions of dollars in resources because teachers and counselors are having to address issues related to the addiction that kids have to these phones and that’s an interesting angle that you don’t hear brought up enough – that there are true economic consequences to this issue as well when it comes to school districts.” 

Jansen said, “This is what I and a lot of people who have looked at this research are saying, we can’t wait two more years for more kids to fall apart, and they are falling apart with this addiction and I’m not just criticizing the school districts, or the administration. All of us need to wake up. These kids are being harmed by this addictive substance we willingly put in their hands. We need to wake up, take control. Be the adults in the room, do your job.”