Find a new family member at CVAS

CHAMBERSBURG–Looking for a new friend or family member? Check out the pets at the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter, 5051 Letterkenny Road West, Chambersburg. For more information, call 717-263-5791.

Roland is a 1-year-old male rat who was found in a box near the Chambersburg Mall. He was found with three other male rats and they all get along, but do not have to be adopted together. We don’t know a lot about these boys and we’re looking for someone who understands rat care and behavior to take Roland home. Can you help him out?

Johanna came into the shelter with her two kittens as a stray in April 2019. They were in pretty rough shape. It looked like they had urine scalding on their paws. Her babies have since found a home, but mama Johanna is still with us. This 4-year-old tortie girl has a great personality and loves to play, but for some reason, keeps getting overlooked. Do you have a home for this sweet girl?