Fight on Shippensburg University campus ends with a Trooper breaking a leg

08 September 2023- At least one man is in custody following a large fight on the Shippensburg University campus earlier this month that left one Trooper on the mend. Veron Tamir Henson is charged with felony aggravated assault against an officer, misdemeanor simple assault, and summary disorderly conduct. Henson is currently lodged at the Cumberland County Jail on a bail of $30,000.

Troopers were called to the McLean Residents Hall on Shippensburg University’s campus around 8:30pm on September 3rd for a large fight. Arriving and finding around 20-30 people fighting inside of the door, Troopers tried to stop a rush of people to the back doors of the building.

One of the Troopers detained one of the people allegedly fighting, now identified as Veron Henson. Henson was escorted away from the group and placed in handcuffs but while he was being removed he allegedly tried to get back to the group. Yelling and screaming at the new fight that was going on, Henson was being held in place by PSP Trooper Jang before the scuffle caused both Henson and the Trooper to fall down an embankment. Henson landed on top of the Trooper, resulting in a broken tibia. Trooper Jang was subsequently transported to UPMC Carlisle for treatment.

Veron Henson is behind bars on $30,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for September 13th.

Sources: Incident No.: PA 2023-1164126, Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000279-2023