Fifth person finally arraigned after last May’s fight involving up to 16 people outside CASHS

07 June 2024- We’re waiting for a formal arraignment of a now-23-year-old after a fight in May of 2023 outside the Chambersburg Area Senior High School involved over a dozen people. Kyaun Duggins was charged back on May 7th of 2023 but was only arraigned on May 29th of 2024 for charges of felony aggravated assault with extreme indifference, felony riot-intent to commit a felony, and two counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Duggins remains behind bars in Franklin County on $115,000 and is awaiting a formal arraignment on July 3rd.

Chambersburg PD, as previously reported, had been dispatched to the 400 block of Tolbert Avenue for a large fight around 2:49pm on May 8th, 2023. A group of up to sixteen individuals were in a fight that was actively blocking school buses from being able to leave for the day. Additionally, school staff were worried that the fight could spread or involve previously uninvolved students.

After dispersing the group and detaining some, CPD say they obtained footage from the incident from students who were filming it. In the footage, CPD say a person seen fighting in sweatpants and a Looney Toons sweatshirt was found to be Kyaun Duggins. Duggins, CPD say, can be seen throwing punches at multiple people, punching and kicking one victim to the group, and subsequently stomping and kicking the same victim’s head while the latter was on the ground.

It appears that Duggins was not found at the initial point of the fight, but rather at a location closer toward Mike Waters Park in the borough. The fight had continued as some people left, with Duggins allegedly being told to disburse by Chambersburg PD and “yelling loudly at a passing vehicle” after being warned to leave.

Duggins is the fifth person to be arraigned, by News Talk 1037FM’s count, after this fight in May of 2023. Then-nineteen year old Luis Ramirez Morales was charged and arraigned in December of that year, with three then-eighteen year olds being charged and arraigned in June of that year. Those individuals were named by CPD as Corbin Jamal Rowe, Tyshawn Darien Smith, and Khagee Aamil Warren.

All four of these men were given ADR, or Accelerated Rehabilitative Dispositions, sentences. The Pennsylvania Office of Victim’s Services describes ADR as “usually for first time offenders. The program is intended to encourage offenders to make a fresh start after participating in a rehabilitative program and offers them the possibility of dismissal of charges and the expungement of the offender’s arrest record upon completion of the program.”

Duggins, however, remains behind bars in Franklin County Jail on a combined bail of $115,000.

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