Fayetteville man tries to break into home of man who “knew” his aunt but picks wrong house

02 March 2023- A Fayetteville man is arrested by PSP after allegedly trying to end a years old beef while drunk and high. Lance Statler Schultz is behind bars on felony attempted burglary, felony attempted trespassing, misdemeanor drug paraphernalia, and three summary offenses. Schultz failed to post bail of $50,000.

Around 2am on March 2nd, Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to an active burglary on Valley Drive in Greene Township. The victim allegedly told police a description of the man and he was quickly taken into custody. The man was allegedly found to be Lance Schultz, ID’ed by his PA drivers license. While speaking to the accused, Troopers allegedly smelled alcohol on him as well as noticed dilated pupils.

Police interviewed Schultz on scene, with him allegedly telling them that he arrived at the home to confront a man who “f****d my aunt when we were kids”. The only problem is police allegedly knew the man Schultz spoke of but knew that he lived in the neighboring residence to the one Schultz tried to get into. When asked if he had anything to drink or any drugs he was on, Schultz allegedly told police he had beer and liquor as well as cocaine.

Talking with the victim, police allegedly learned the man had heard another man yelling and beating on the rear of his home, yelling another man’s name. Additionally, a Kawasaki utility vehicle was parked in his yard that was not his, with it presumably belonging to Schultz.

While on scene, police allegedly found a broken storm door, a broken sliding glass door, a damaged flagpole and light, a broken pool skimmer, and a broken dog door.

A search of Schultz when he was taken into custody allegedly found he had a baggie containing suspected cocaine residue, which Schultz allegedly told police did in fact contain his cocaine.

Lance Schultz is behind bars on $50,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for March 14th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39306-CR-0000046-2023, Incident Number: PA 2023-269910