Fayetteville man charged after apparent road rage incident on South Mountain

26 June 2024- A Fayetteville man has been charged with hitting and dragging a man with his car after an incident early on Wednesday morning. Jason Wayne Rhines has been charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor reckless endangerment, misdemeanor criminal mischief damaging property, trespassing by a motor vehicle, harassment, and disorderly conduct. He is currently free on an unsecured bail of $50,000.

Pennsylvania State Police were originally dispatched to a home on Loop Road in Quincy Township near South Mountain for a reported assault by a vehicle. Troopers spoke with the victim, who alleged that he was backing his semi-truck and trailer into his home when he encountered a grey sedan trying to get through. Since the truck and trailer was large, it blocked the roadway for a period of time while backing up but it is alleged that the driver of the sedan began honking and later arguing with the victim.

At one point, Troopers say that sedan, which was determined to have been driven by Jason Rhines, trespassed onto the victim’s property to completely skirt around the still-backing up tractor trailer. This reportedly started a fight with both men exiting their vehicles and verbally arguing. PSP say this escalated when the victim was struck by the driver’s side mirror of Rhines’ car, dragging him approximately 20 feet down the roadway.

Because of this action, the victim reportedly went back to get a winch bar to defend himself against the man approaching him. After another physical altercation, Troopers say the driver left the scene and threatened the victim, saying “I’ll shoot your a**”.

The victim reportedly had significant injuries from the dragging, including visible road rash on his back and a bloody ankle. Additionally, the victim’s $600 glasses were reportedly broken during the incident.

Troopers canvassed the area shortly after, reportedly finding Rhines’ car parked outside his home with a matching plate to the one that was given to them by the victim. Approaching Rhines, Troopers say he was intoxicated but that “Rhines related he had poured a jack and coke with approximately four or five shots when he got home”. During the interview, Rhines reportedly admitted to an altercation with the victim.

Jason Rhines is free on an unsecured bail to await his next court date.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39304-CR-0000119-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-833196