Fayetteville Elementary parents notified of bedbug issues….or not?

08 March 2023- Some parents with family at Fayetteville Elementary were in for a shock when they found out the school had a bedbug problem that was affecting students. They were in for a shock, of course, only if they were able to see the issue on the Chambersburg Area School District Sapphire Community Portal.

Parents received a message under the ANNOUNCEMENTS notifications that read:

Dear CASD Families,

We wanted to inform you that cases of bed bugs have been confirmed at Fayetteville Elementary School. Administration and Health Services are aware of the situation and have taken the necessary precautions for all students in the building.

Please review the following informational links regarding bed bugs and how to treat them at home.

The announcement then led to a CDC FAQ’s article about bed bugs.

What was not clear, however, was how many parents were notified of this message, how they received the message, or how many people were affected.

Much of the information was spreading through word of mouth, which can lead to problems for everyone involved. Information about what grades were affected, what the precautions were, and how they were being handled were all up in the air and information was inconsisten.

That’s why News Talk 1037FM reached out to Chambersburg Area School District’s Communications Department by email and by phone. Unfortunately, as of 8:30pm on March 8th, we have not heard back from Communications Officer Brian Miller nor anyone at Chambersburg Area School District.

Again, News Talk 1037FM was notified by multiple parents involved with Fayetteville Elementary that they had contacted CASD but have not received concrete answers to protocol, who is affected, or anything else.

This is a developing story and we still await a response from Chambersburg Area School District.