Fannett Township the scene of a packed house for and against massive solar installation

08 March 2024- News Talk 1037FM has been working to bring you all of the details on the latest discussions over a new solar farm installation likely to be built in Fannett Township, Franklin County. That’s why we were at the Township’s meeting Thursday night to bring you the details of that meeting.

The land currently in question is hundreds of acres of former farmland being developed into Urban Grid Solar’s Aspen Road Solar Project. That project is set to create about 100 MW of energy, with construction beginning in earnest in 2023 and completion projected for early 2025, per Urban Grid’s projections online. That 100MW of energy, the company says, would power over 18,000 homes annually.

The problem is, though, exactly what it seems like; productive and historically (and locally) important Franklin County farmland is being taken away for a large facility that could damage the environment long term. The sentimentality of the farmland, for an area of Franklin County that prides itself on being so rural and so agriculturally important and beautiful, remains the driving factor. That, however, isn’t the only thing holding up the project, though.

Questions about zoning ordinances, earth-moving permits, and pre-approval from a number of bodies (including DEP and Fannett Township) remain crucial to the argument against the project.

News Talk 1037FM was at that meeting and was able to record a large portion of the meeting. Packed full of Fannett Township residents, concerned citizens, and anyone that was explicitly for AND against the project came out. A recording of that meeting can be found below.