Fake identification to exempt mask wearing surfaces in Washington County, Md.

Dan Spedden, President of the Hagerstown/Washing County Convention and Visitors Bureau weighs in

HAGERSTOWN – When a restaurant in Hagerstown was presented with an official-looking card certifying the bearer was exempt from wearing a mask in the establishment, they dug a little deeper and uncovered a scam.

Hagerstown/Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) president, Dan Spedden said the ID is “not something that the federal government issues. It’s just basically a sophisticated faked that you can get on the Internet.”

Once the CVB had a copy of the fake card, they sent the story and documents to their members to alert them to the occurrence, so they could keep an eye out.

Any business that is presented with such a card in the future is advised to contact their county’s health department, according to Spedden, so that “they’ll be aware and can amp up the response to this.”

Spedden noted that the police should only be contacted if the customer gets irate.

He continued, “Every store, every business should stick to their own policy. If it’s your policy that you don’t enter the building without a mask, you should stick to that. If you want to accommodate people at their car our outside that’s very gracious.”

Spedden concluded, “Know that these IDs have no meaning at all other than people that don’t want to comply trying to get away with non-compliance.”

When asked about how the CVB was fairing with the pandemic, Spedden said their big issue was the loss of the lodging tax.

He added, “We were lucky to receive some Cares Act funding through the generosity of the Washington County commissioners and because of that grant money we were able to continue with our promotions and advertising and the publication of our visitor’s guide and the maintenance of our website.”

The CVB has also been promoting outdoor recreation as well as day trips. Any kind of travel and tourism that a person can do other than lodging.