Facebook poll says a $10 minimum wage would be awesome and two Pa. Senators took that as gospel.

HARRISBURG – Two Republican Senators have jumped on the band wagon to increase the minimum wage in Pennsylvania and the big part of the legislation they plan to introduce is a permanent index to inflation.

Sens. Dan Laughlin, R-Erie County, and Pat Browne, R-Lehigh County want to introduce legislation to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour and permanently index it to inflation – which means an increase in the consumer price level over a period of time will lead to an increase in salary.

The proposed legislation should come out this week.

Governor Tom Wolf has said he’d like minimum wage to be $12 an hour. Some Democrats in Pa. want $15 an hour. Will there be enough votes to pass this new, quasi-Republican backed legislation?

The game at work here could be part of a political theory known as the Overton Window. If $15 an hour is far too excessive, bringing it down to $10 seems more reasonable and Democrats may say, if that’s what we can get, then we’ll take it.

But why does the minimum wage need to increase in the first place?

The topic came up on the First News radio show (6am-9am weekdays on 103.7FM) with Pat Ryan, Michele Jansen, and Attorney Clint Barkdoll. “You’re just being played,” Jansen contends. “There are certain jobs that should never have a minimum wage. We need jobs that teach skills.”

Additionally, what would it do to the economy?

Jansen pointed out, “I don’t understand what’s wrong with these Senators. They’re buying into this idea that well, it is popular. Of course it’s popular because most people do not understand the implications of what the minimum wage means. If you can’t ever have a job that pays less than that, it would be very destructive to the economy.”

The real scary issue is this permanent index to inflation.

If the current minimum wage at $7.25 an hour had been indexed to inflation when it first came out, our current minimum wage right now would be nearly $24 an hour.

Yeah. If we start it at $10 an hour, how quickly could that rise?

It turns out the Senators who put together this legislation got the $10 figure from of all things, a Facebook poll.

Jansen scoffed, “These brilliant people tied it to a Facebook poll. That’s what they’re basing it on. $10 is the number. Yeah, let’s let social media decide our legislative policy. Brilliant, Senators.”

Whether or not this gets any traction remains to be seen, but with the current political climate, we could see a jump in the state’s minimum wage in the near future – something that would have huge ramifications for every business in our state.