Even without a Borough Council meeting, things are still happening in Chambersburg

February 5 — Last week, the American Public Gas Association met in Washington, DC, and Allen Coffman, Chambersburg Borough Council President, attended. 

He said, “We’ll go down and try to have meetings with our Congressmen or Senators to talk about the issue and the concern of gas utilities throughout the United States. We had a nice meeting with Dr. Joyce. He’s always been very gracious, accepting us into his office and we always have good conversations with him. When we went to both Senators offices, we ended up with staff people, which is usually what’s expected. Never met a Senator in the years we’ve been doing this, going to Washington.”

While there is no Borough Council meeting tonight in Chambersburg, there is a Parking, Traffic and Streetlight meeting tonight. 

Coffman said, “They usually have met on a monthly basis but I think they’re going to go bi-monthly maybe. This is their first meeting for the year. So they’re probably going to elect the Chair, Vice Chair for the committee and they’ve got some other issues that they’re going to be looking at.”

This week will also see a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting as well as the Zoning Hearing Board meeting. 

A week from tonight, the borough council will meet. 

Coffman said, “The other thing, it was just kind of a roll up from the trip to Washington for APGA. I would sum it up. I’d say it’s an education to gas utilities on legal gas issues that are going on in Washington DC and there’s a lot going on with that. I mean, it looks to me like there’s still a lot of effort in trying to do away with natural gas and appliances that are with it, gas stoves, and this hits close to home to me because I just replaced a gas water heater a week ago today. I want to have that choice. I don’t want to know if I can only get an electric water heater. I want to know that I can use gas if I want.” 

About a month from now the American Public Power Association will meet in DC. 

Coffman said, “I’ll be going to Washington again for that, which we’re also a member of. I think a lot of people forget where this generated electricity comes from. Some of it’s still probably 15% or a little more still coming from coal. Natural gas is a huge player in generating electricity, but it seems like the electric people don’t want to realize what’s making their electricity. They don’t want to seem to recognize that part is so crucial to keeping the lights on.”