Equality Act would open bathrooms and showers to all

March 2 – With passage in the House of Representatives last Thursday, The Equality Act, a bill that bans discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, will move to the Senate and could mean a whole lot for school-aged children as well as adults.

Congressman John Joyce, Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen all weighed in on this issue on News Talk 103.7FM today. 

If the Equality Act becomes law it would mean if a boy identifies as a girl, he could go to the girls’ bathroom and even shower with the girls.

“Most Americans, I’m afraid, do not understand it,” Jansen said. “The DoJ (Department of Justice) just dropped a case of these three female athletes who were trying to fight the idea that boys can compete against them – genetic, biological boys that identify as girls taking over their sport.”

The Trump Department of Justice supported the lawsuit, whereas the Biden Department of Justice has dropped it.

High school and college sports are a real issue with the Equality Act. In Connecticut, biological boys, identifying as girls, participated in female track and dominated the sport.

“Pretty soon women sports will be completely taken over by trans individuals and they say that’s wrong,” Jansen said. “The reason we had laws passed was to give them their own sports leagues, separate from men so they could have that.”

“Clearly we’re turning back the clock for women and it’s not fair,” Congressman John Joyce said. “I voted no on this extreme piece of legislation. The Equality Act is a misnomer. It’s another piece of propaganda put forward by Pelosi and her radical Democrats.”

In terms of recent cases, decisions have been divided.

“The courts have been very split on a lot of these issues over the last few years,” Barkdoll noted. “This law would essentially make all of this uniform. It would almost supersede these court cases by just legislating what state and local governments have to do. There’s not enough attention being given to this issue. Particularly in the issues of high school and public sports and rest rooms. It could have huge implications for schools and society. Absent a court overruling it, this becomes the law of the land and everyone would have to follow what is in it.”

It would mean if a boy identifies as a girl, he could go into the same bathroom and even shower with the girls. 

“It’s been taken over by activism and we’re supposed to ignore biology and genetics and pretend the emperor has the clothes one when they don’t,” Jansen said. “It’s ridiculous. It’s not the same as sexual orientation at all. I think there are huge differences. Exposure of sex organs used to be considered sexual harassment but if he identifies as a girl you’re supposed to not have any kind of problem with that.”

In the adult arena, listeners were reminded of the wedding cake case in Colorado a few years ago where a baker refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple. If the Equality Act passes, it would be illegal to do so.

“This would be a major impact on the way we all operate,” Barkdoll said. “This is a major, major piece of legislation that people need to be keeping an eye on.”

“This goes far beyond compassion or trying to make somebody comfortable,” Jansen pointed out. “This is you must – you must believe, you must pretend that you absolutely believe that if somebody says they’re a man even though they’re a woman, you have to say, ‘yes you are.’ You have to do everything and act like they are. And vice versa. If I’m a man and I say I’m a woman, you have to play ‘let’s pretend’ with them. You now have to believe in unicorns. That is what they’re asking us to do. By law. And if you say, ‘no I don’t believe that that man standing there in front of me is a woman,’ you now could be in trouble for hate speech, hate violations and your livelihood and reputations will be at stake.”

So, if, say, Pat Ryan decided on the day he had an appointment in the borough offices in Chambersburg, that he identified as a woman, he would have every right to walk into the woman’s bathroom, regardless of how he was dressed, and use the facilities?

“Arguably, this law would allow that,” Barkdoll said. “If you have what is called gender fluidity, you could make the choice on what rest room or shower you would use. That’s one of the big arguments with kids. Is this the sort of conduct you want happening in a school setting? Most people would say absolutely not.”

“It’s based on pseudo-science,” Jansen said. “Based on critical theory, queer theory that we allowed academics to take over and put people in charge of our medical associations. It’s a very small group of people who has forced this on the rest of the country and people better stand up and say no.”

Additionally, it seems to target religious beliefs.

“It would undercut the pro-life protections and restrict the religious freedoms that our country was founded on,” Congressman Joyce said. “As a constitutionalist, I’m going to defend American’s inalienable first amendment rights, including and most iomportant to this conversation, our freedom of religion. (The Equality Act) is going to undercut that. And by undermining the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, it endangers American’s right to freely exercise their religion. It would have ramifications for churches, religious affiliated schools, and for many organizations in our community.”

“There’s a lot of dangerous ground here,” Jansen added. “People love fairness. We want to be compassionate. We want to be kind. This goes far, far beyond this. This is going to force thought control. You’re not going to be allowed, even in a personal capacity, to say that you think genetic sex is worth something and that biological women deserve some protected spaces or areas like their sports. They want to pretend genetics don’t exist.”