Dr. Joyce: COVID Relief Should Be Targeted to Workers, Students, and Vaccines

Only 9 Percent of Dems’ Nearly $2 Trillion Spending Bill Would Combat Pandemic

Washington, DC – Tonight Congressman John Joyce, M.D. released the following statement on his intention to vote in opposition to H.R. 1319, President Biden’s partisan “COVID relief” package.

“The American people want to crush this pandemic, rebuild our economy, and restore our communities. Congress should be focused on getting Americans safely back to work, children and teachers back to the classroom, and vaccines into arms. Instead, the Biden White House sent a partisan wish list and Congressional Democrats rejected every opportunity to make it better. This so-called ‘relief’ plan is merely a bailout for poorly-managed states and a vehicle for Democrats’ radical priorities, including taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and job-killing climate schemes.

“Rather than prioritize workers and our small business community, this legislation would destroy jobs, incentivize endless lockdowns, and keep our small businesses closed. With a nearly $2 trillion price tag for American taxpayers, only 9 percent of this funding would be used to combat the pandemic and only 5 percent would support the full reopening of K-12 schools. Today, I’m voting no on this radical wish list – but you can be certain that I will keep working to fully reopen our economy, to get our kids back into the classroom, and to accelerate vaccine distribution in Pennsylvania and around the country.”