Don’t mess with the Hut- bad phone number on Pizza Hut app leads to man charged with impersonating PSP in Shippensburg

20 January 2023- A Greencastle man is looking at misdemeanor charges after an alleged mix up on the Pizza Hut app causes him to fake threats as a PSP Trooper. Elmer Lawrence Ardinger is charged with misdemeanor impersonating a public servant and misdemeanor harassment. Ardinger has not been arraigned and MDJ 09-3-01 is awaiting confirmation of his summons.

Shippensburg PD made contact with the victim who worked for the Shippensburg EMS. The victim allegedly told police that a man was impersonating a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper and threatening her. According to the victim, a person ordered multiple pizzas from Pizza Hut and had them sent to 711 East Orange Street, which houses Shippensburg EMS and Vigilant Hose Company #1. The phone number associated with the account with Pizza Hut that was used was old, with it allegedly being associated with Elmer Ardinger. Ardinger allegedly contacted the victim around 11:25am on January 12th, upset that his phone number was used for the order.

Ardinger continued on the phone call with the victim, allegedly calling himself “Trooper Ardinger” and reported that he was a Trooper several times and claiming it was illegal to use his number. Ardinger allegedly told the victim “I am going to come to 711 East Orange Street in my Trooper car and handle this”, a statement he allegedly made multiple times. The victim immediately called the police and instructed staff not to answer the door or let anyone in.

Shippensburg PD allegedly contacted Ardinger by the same phone number associated with the Pizza Hut account, to which he did allegedly admit to calling Shippensburg EMS.

Ardinger is awaiting his summons. His preliminary hearing is set for February 22nd.

Sources: Incident Number: SP-2023-0203, Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000019-2023