Don’t forget the Judge races on Tuesday

October 29 – We’ve been talking about local school boards and boroughs and township for Election Day on Tuesday and they are critical.

But so are the judge races.

In the State Supreme Court, it’s Republican Kevin Brobson facing off against Maria McLaughlin, the Democrat candidate.

Representative Jess Topper joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen this morning during First News to remind listeners of the importance of the judges races on Tuesday.

Topper said, “We’ve seen what the state Supreme Court is and if we would lose this race, we would literally only have one conservative represented on the bench. This will give us two and hopefully show that we can build the momentum for more. We also have a race in the superior court as well with Meg Sullivan as well as two races in the commonwealth court with Drew Wallace and Stacey Sullivan.”

As an example, the mask lawsuit that has been filed against the State Department of Health and if it’s appealed, it will be the State Supreme Court.

Topper explained, “These are the courts that have been hearing our battles with the governor in terms of executive overreach. They’ve been hearing a lot of the individual lawsuits concerning local governments. So these are the courts that really effect our daily lives and their interpretation of the law, so it’s massively important that we get out and we start winning some of these races again.”