Don’t forget – Hunter Biden is also on trial

June 3 – The trial for Hunter Biden, the son of the president of the United States, begins today. 

It’s a federal case in Delaware that’s related to Hunter Biden’s alleged illegal possession of a weapon while he was using drugs. 

The jury selection begins today. 

Hunter Biden will also face a second trial this summer in California that’s related to tax fraud and tax evasion issues. 

The Delaware trial is expected to be quite quick. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll noted, “Most experts think this will last about a week or so. Again, this is a federal prosecutor and it’s interesting. We talked so much about the Trump trial last week and there’s a lot of questions and criticisms about that judge and the state attorney. Well, now you’re probably going to hear similar complaints from the Democrats. This is a Trump appointed judge and a Trump appointed federal prosecutor pursuing this case. Joe Biden could shut it down but he’s repeatedly said he’s going to stay out of the way. We will see what happens. I don’t see that Hunter Biden has a great defense here. They’re going to call a number of witnesses who will apparently verify he was using and addicted to drugs at the time he filled out this firearm application and obtained possession of the weapon and that’s all the federal government needs to prove to convict him.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Remember, though, we look back, to me, the bigger, shocking outrage is the fact that this almost wasn’t  going to happen at all.” 

Anthony Panasiewicz of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “They were going to roll it all into one and it was going to be the biggest sweetheart deal imaginable.”

Jansen continued, “Unbelievably, and thank God there was a judge there that said, wait, what? You’re doing what other things are wrapped up in this? You’re ignoring the whole felony gun possession and you’re going to give him just slaps on the wrist. Of course, the other thing that happened when this judge caught this last summer was the whistleblowers that came out of the IRS saying wait a minute, the Department of Justice, they allowed things to move forward, get past the statute of limitations for his most egregious tax issues. So he was being handled with kid gloves all along, and they came out and said, yeah, there’s more problems here and this deal that was almost gotten for him, it’s almost the opposite of what happened to Trump. It was the justice system not being used equally to the tax law breaking and the felony gun possession.”

Barkdoll said, “This was going to be a probationary disposition that Biden’s attorneys and the US Attorney, this David Weiss had worked out and when they took it into court to enter the plea, the judge rejected it, which the judges always have the discretion to do, to reject a plea deal saying that this was too favorable for Hunter Biden, and that then reset everything. Now he’s facing these two trials, the one starting today and then the one later this summer, and these are serious charges. These are felony charges. They could carry jail time if he’s convicted. I still think though, notwithstanding Joe Biden’s position that he’s not going to get involved, I think there’s a high likelihood that Joe Biden pardons Hunter Biden after the election, which the president would be allowed to do because these are federal cases. This isn’t a state case like Trump had last week and you read about the relationship between Joe and Hunter Biden, I just can’t imagine he sits back and allows him to go to jail if after the November election with the stroke of a pen, he could make it go away. We’ll see.”

Jansen asked, “Do you think the laptop finally, contents of, I have a feeling they’ll find some way or another to not let all of that to get out, even though there’s obviously reporting on it anyway.”

Barkdoll said, “The laptop is being introduced reportedly. So it’s going to be an exhibit at the trial to verify that Hunter Biden was using and was addicted to drugs at the time he made this gun purchase.” 

Panasiewicz asked, “Why do you even need that when he literally wrote an entire book about how he was on drugs?”

Jansen said, “They’re going to use the laptop and his memoir.” 

“And witnesses, too,” Barkdoll added. 

Panasiewicz asked, “Does he have a defense at all?”

Barkdoll predicted, “The defense is going to be that notwithstanding the laptop, the memoir and witnesses, remember there’s going to be independent witnesses, one of whom was his girlfriend at the time that will apparently corroborate that he was on drugs when this happened, his defense is going to be that the government still can’t prove that at the moment he made the application and bought the gun that he was on drugs at that instant. It’s a very technical defense. Does a juror buy that? I think it’s unlikely. I think if I had to bet there’s a good chance he’s going to get convicted in this case.”

Jansen said, “Obviously he lied about his drug use. I mean, whether he was actually high at the moment.”

Panasiewicz asked, “Isn’t the whole phrase ‘are you addicted to drugs at this moment’, ‘not are you currently on coke’ or something like that? Isn’t that the phrasing on these gun permits?”

Barkdoll said, “The irony is that language which was implemented by Congress, I want to say back in the 90s, Joe Biden was one of the big advocates for adding that language. Now there’s some debate by the way, whether that’s legal by itself. There’s a case pending out of Texas that casts questions on can you prohibit someone from owning and possessing a firearm just because they use drugs? That’s a whole other angle to this case that even if he’s found guilty, if a federal court later rules that the charge itself, the crime itself, is not legal, that could be another off ramp for him, but we’re a long ways away from finding out that answer.”