Don’t doubt the true dangers of TikTok

March 8 – Federal lawmakers have been warning about TikTok for more than a year and many of them are outright discussing the weaponization of the online platform. 

TikTok is owned by a Chinese company and a number of government entities do not allow employees to use the app. 

Congressman John Joyce said, “I voted on that yesterday. That was part of legislation that came out of Energy and Commerce. We went into a secure briefing before we did the markup on the bill. We had presentations by the Department of Justice, by the FBI. TikTok is a spy in anyone’s pocket who uses that application. So the legislation that was marked up and will be brought to the floor will cause TikTok to be divested by its major company, which is ByteDance. ByteDance is an arm of the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party harvests the information. It captures that information. It captures every keystroke of an individual who is on the TikTok application. This is not a banning of TikTok. This is a divestiture. It is saying that the Chinese Communist Party must sell TikTok. Just yesterday, I joined in a hearing and understanding that we have a responsibility to protect Americans. By ByteDance selling that app within 180 days, we will allow that to continue. We will allow the TikTok app which is very popular, over 170 million Americans are on that app. But we can’t have an app that is controlled by a foreign adversary. That is the Chinese Communist Party. So this legislation would only apply to apps that are controlled by foreign adversaries. Let’s be very clear who those are. That is China. That is Iran. That is North Korea, and that is Russia. This is based on national security concerns, not on content base. This legislation passed unanimously yesterday, with more than 50 votes and yes, we got Democrats to vote with us on this yesterday. Now it needs to move to the floor for a full vote by the entire US House of Representatives.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out from the State of the Union address last night, “I was struck by his total demonization of Russia and didn’t mention North Korea or Iran at all I don’t believe and then the weird way he talked about China. He didn’t talk about them as an enemy or somebody we need to worry about. He said, I want to compete with China. When are they going to give up that idea and admit even though China’s doing bad economically and that’s what some of the advantage he talked about, but the fact that the will not really address the threat that is China, didn’t talk about Taiwan, didn’t talk about a lot of things in that in that realm.”

Joyce said, “I think that shows the lack of a clear message by President Biden. I think it reflects a lack of clear leadership that we have coming from the President of the United States. I think it reflects who he is, and how he is inept at governing our country.”