Does your road need paving? Chambersburg wants to hear from YOU!

07 June 2024- In an attempt to allow citizens of Chambersburg the opportunity to request that their street be paved, the Borough has set up an on-line request submission form on their website. The link is:

Additionally, you can find the link HERE.

The form can also be reached from the Chambersburg Borough website by clicking on Government on the top of the page and selecting, “street paving request form”.

Chambersburg Borough owns almost 65 miles of local streets inside the Borough. However, without a dedicated funding source to repave those streets, each year the Town Council must prioritize the half dozen or so city blocks that the town can afford to resurface.

According to Borough Manager Jeffrey Stonehill, “that prioritization is done each fall during the budget process. The 2024 side streets have been selected, but there is still time for Council and the public to discuss side streets in 2025 and future years.”

According to Public Works Director Chuck Nipe who manages the Engineering Department, “many of the major streets in Chambersburg are owned by the State of Pennsylvania including Main Street, Lincoln Way, Philadelphia Avenue, Wayne Avenue, and Queen Street. The Borough does not resurface any state streets.”

According to the Acting Finance Director Ben Hayhurst, “the Borough receives about $650,000 in liquid fuels state tax revenue as a grant, which is sufficient to fix two or three city blocks per year given PennDOT standards for bidding and street repair. In 2024, the Borough supplemented that revenue with over $1 million from general proceeds to fix about five or six city blocks.”

The form which is on the Borough website does not allow a user to select a state owned street, a private street or a township road from a list of all streets inside the Borough. Stonehill explained that those roads are not the Borough’s responsibility so the form does not allow their selection.

Finally, Stonehill said it was very important to point out that the form is not for reporting potholes. Potholes must be called in to the Borough’s 24/7 Customer Service Center at 717-263-4111. “Do not use the form for potholes, flooding, missing street signs, etc. The form is just for street paving requests.”

“All the taxes paid currently to the Borough go to Police and Fire,” added Council President Allen Coffman. “Chambersburg collects no street tax or fee from citizens to attempt to keep up with street paving.”

For additional information, please email Public Works Director Chuck Nipe at