Does social media actually help connect pedophiles?

June 8 — A study from Stanford University, the University of Massachusetts and the Wall Street Journal has discovered a whole network of pedophiles using social media like Instagram and Facebook to connect with other pedophiles.  

The pedophiles create accounts and either use code words or in some cases rather explicit language to endorse pedophilia. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll pointed out, “And these algorithms that Instagram uses to link people together on common interests has created this entire community within Instagram of this pedophile network. Now Meta is saying that they’re looking into this. They’re trying to come up with ways that the algorithm would block these kinds of activities. But clearly from this investigative report, it’s been going on and this is one of what probably amounts to a number of these similar situations, loopholes if you want to call it that, that people have figured out work-arounds to really exploit situations on these social media platforms.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “That’s the danger of this normalization of so-called queer living, which does involve a lot of to the extreme sexual culture and some of it is very dark. That’s why people have got to step back from this and realize this normalization of children being exposed to sexual situations, you get some crossover. There are the extreme elements of the LGBTQ+ ideology that wants to normalize even the desire for children, saying well, as long as they don’t actually touch a child, we shouldn’t stigmatize them. Then you get all this confusion. I think they’re going to find that was part of the reason these links started happening, because you’re not allowed to have a red flag anymore automatically about people who seek this kind of thing.”

The report noted that a similar dynamic with algorithms pushing out this kind of information was discovered across other social media platforms, but they found it most acute with Instagram. 

Barkdoll said, “This reminds me, remember a couple years ago, we did that interview with Kim Commando and she talked about these avatars that get created when you’ve got a Facebook or an Instagram account. It’s constantly aggregating data, what pages are you looking at, what your search history is, etc. It’s constantly perfecting these algorithms to push data and information out to you that they think you would be most interested in. That’s pretty much exactly what these researchers are claiming happened in Instagram in the context of people that had endorsements or interests in pedophilia.”