Do not assume the local elections are in the bag — YOU NEED TO VOTE

September 14 — With 50 days left before the November elections, local candidates are starting to campaign and it’s important that people realize their voices need to be heard.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed elections recently during the Big Talk on First News.

Ryan said, “This is a very important election coming up, especially borough council and the overreach in our opinion out of a borough manager who is interested in the word punishment when it comes to businesses and also citizens. Using the word punishment out of the borough manger.”

Jansen said, “We’ve not gotten an explanation yet. I would really ask for people who are addressing the council, ask them, what did you mean by that? What do you mean by currently acceptable forms of discrimination that you want to punish people for? When we hear about them talking about activism, like systemic racism at the time they were having that same discussion on punishing people, that’s very disturbing and the council has yet to address any of this.”

Barkdoll said, “These local elections are absolutely critical. Remember there’s a mayoral race, too, not only in Chambersburg, but in other municipalities and we know turnout will be incredibly low. So it’s the people that come out that will be making these decisions and you’re seeing a lot of campaigning happening already, particularly in Chambersburg for that mayor’s race and some of these council seats, so if you’re someone that’s kind of the occasional voter, you only vote in presidential election years, really make the effort to come out this year. You should vote in every election, regardless, but these local races are really, really important.”

Ryan added, “The understanding here could’t be clearer. Marvin Worthy, he’s the Democrat.
Marvin Worthy is interested in reimagining, the Democrats are looking to defund police and reimagine police. Marvin Worthy is the Democrat. Kenneth Hock is the Republican. Kenneth Hock is as far as I understand it, hands off for our fine police department here in Chambersburg. I’m not interested and I know you aren’t as well and that’s why in 51 days you have got to show up…if you want more of Joe Biden’s America in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, then you know where you’re going to put your vote, but Marvin Worthy is a Democrat and the Democrats are interested in reimagining and defunding the police and the last guy I want messing with Chief Ron Camacho is Marvin Worthy.”

Jansen said, “His supporters all agree with this idea of systemic racism. They’re the ones that did the focus groups that brought out a small group of people who I believe have been indoctrinated to see racism everywhere now thanks to the Marxist founders of BLM and that ilk and the others that just want to say that this country is bad and founded on racism and can’t get it out of their blood and people are inherently racist. Those are Marvin Worthy supporters. He buys into that ideology and that is not what we need at the head of the mayoral position whose really only responsibility is the police department.”

Statutorily, the mayor has very limited duties. One is to break ties if there is ever a tie vote on council. The mayor does have oversight of the police force.

Barkdoll said, “It’s a little bit of a squishy description in that the mayor cannot unilaterally set the budget, but the mayor does have oversight. So more than anyone that sits on council, the mayor is the one that’s interfacing with a police chief. The mayor would be one that’s making recommendations to council on things like budgeting, on policing, patrolling, things in general. So it’s important that the chief and the mayor have a good, working relationship. That’s true in any borough or city in Pennsylvania.”

The candidates will be invited to come in to the radio station for an interview.

Barkdoll said, “I don’t know Marvin Worthy. I don’t know that he wants to defund the police. I think that he’s got a very good chance of winning and I only say that from an anecdotal standpoint. I see his signs all over the place in Chambersburg and I hear people out campaigning for him.”

Do not assume any of these races are in the bag. You need to get out and vote.

Jansen said, “Let me just correct the record to say, I don’t know that he wants to defund the police directly, either. I just know a lot of the people that support him are involved with groups that like do like these ideas.”

Ryan pointed out, “And the party itself has championed the idea of defunding the police, though, and reimagining the police. That is a stand in the party. Am I correct or not?”

Barkdoll said, “Well it’s a stand by some progressives in the party. It’s not part of their official platform, but there’s no doubt the AOC’s and those leftist progressives of the party, very much support and they would take issue with the word defunding, but they want to re-allocate funding to more things like mental health assistance, that police aren’t responding to those calls. But there is no question that that leftist wing of the party wants to do those kind of things when it comes to budgeting with police.”