Developing: Shooting near Garfield St and S Main Streets in Chambersburg

UPDATE (1:50pm): Police continue to be in the area and have expanded their area to the area around S Main Street and Derbyshire Street. It is unclear if the incident is related, but currently there is broken glass and police reviewing security footage of an incident that occurred earlier today. We will issue updates on News Talk 1037FM and Tristate Alert as more information is made available.

UPDATE (11:30a): Chambersburg PD is advising that the incident around the 100 Block of Garfield and 700 Block of S Main Street is an isolated incident but they are still conducting an investigation. Please continue to avoid the area if possible.

30 October 2023- Officers from Chambersburg PD, CFD and their EMS partners are all on scene at a possible shooting that has closed the road on Garfield Street to all traffic moving southbound from S Main Street to Garfield.

Please avoid the area, especially if you’re heading towards either S Second Street or Wayne Avenue. Garfield remains open heading eastbound from the northbound turn lane.

There appears to be no immediate threat to the public.

We look for an update from Chambersburg PD.