Developing: Police find five kilos of cocaine during traffic stop in Fulton County

05 July 2023- A New Jersey man is facing charges of drug possession and sale as well as numerous traffic violations after a stop on I-70 in Fulton County. Isaac De La Cruz Diaz is charged with felony possession with intent to deliver, felony possession of a controlled substance, felony criminal use of a communications facility, and misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession as well as numerous traffic violations.

Police allegedly pulled De La Cruz Diaz over for multiple “signs of criminal activity” and were given consent to search his vehicle. During the search, they allegedly found five kilograms of suspected cocaine and a large sum of US Currency in the car. De La Cruz Diaz was given a bail of $500,000, which he failed to post.

We are awaiting court filings on De La Cruz Diaz and look for updates soon.