Developing: Hazmat on scene for container leak with potential to explode at Letterkenny

UPDATE: Officials at Letterkenny Army Depot have confirmed that an industrial building on the LEAD campus suffered a potential hazmat incident around 10:30. As of 10:32am all employees were evacuated and accounted for from that building.

It was discovered as part of an investigation that there was no leak to the refrigeration tank that prompted the call to emergency services and that there was minimal potential for explosion.

As a precaution, Cumberland County Hazmat was called to the scene on 1 Overcash Lane to vent the tank. As of 11:33am, the tank had been full emptied and the LEAD fire department cleared the scene at 11:47am.

There is no danger to the public. We thank the staff at Letterkenny Army Depot for their assistance with communications for the incident.

16 August 2023- Fire, hazmat and first responders are on scene in Greene Township for a broken seal on a 35lb refrigerated container at risk of explosion.

Around 11:14am, first responders were alerted to a broken seal on a 35lb refrigerated container in the Letterkenny Army Depot/Business Park area that has the potential to cause an explosion. The refrigerated container has a listed boiling point of -75°F.

This is an active incident and first responders are on scene. We will transmit any updates here.